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tay road bridge

by eddie cairney

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A’ doonhill tae Dundee Verse 1 In twenty o two the Tay FM crew Thought they’d come up wi a slogan or two Cause they needed something new Dundee foulk come up wi whit wiz bold and true Tae propel Dundee forward past two thousand and two Chorus 1 So it’s a’ doonhill tae Dundee But it’s nae bather ata’ If ye’ve got good ligs ye can climb the Law See baith bridges lookin’ afa bra’ Except if yer turnin’ left And ye end up ga’n’ tae Perth Ye’ll be on the level a’ the wie Cause Perth’s aye got tae be different Verse 2 The good and the great were no pleased by this And they thought maybe someb’dy was taking the mick Didn’y want Dundee bein‘ a sad case Could have been in a far worse place If they’d chosen tae go fur Bridgie Mc Bridgeface Chorus 2 So it’s a’ doonhill tae Dundee But it’s nae bather ata’ If ye’ve got gid ligs ye can climb the Hill Hae a pint in the Bowzer if yer breathin’ still Except if ye gang up the coast And ye end up in Arbroath A’ ye’ll see is fields fulla’ workin’ chiels And oh dinna come back withoot the smokies Chorus 3 So it’s a’ doonhill tae Dundee But it’s nae bather ata’ If ye’ve got gid ligs ye can gae tae Lochee Get a book oot o’ the library Except if ye gang the wrang wie And end up in the Tiy That would be no good Put you in a bad mood Because the water’s very cold
Right Royal Landfill Verse 1 Tons’n tons o’ rubble and every bit a gem And it a’ came fae a monument wi a very important name Could hae used ony auld rubble fae the schemes or the toun But they jist hid tae haul the Royal Arch doon Verse 2 I honestly thought it was swere tae go cause it put up sic a fight But the breakers got it in the end we loads o’ dynamite Vandalism tae the core and wonton wreck ‘n ruin When they up an’ tore the Royal Arch doon Refrain Why did they no move it tae some place else Could hae been done and all would have been well If ye’d just as much as scratched it before Ye’d likely end up wi a night in the cells Verse 1
Fifies 03:12
Fifies Refrain Hey a thought fur the per auld ferries Trudgin’ ower the River Tay Aff tae the scrap heap Thank’s very much ye’ve had yer day Verse 1 Kingdom O’ Fife wiz like foreign shores Tae Dundee folk fresh oot o’ the mill Weighted doon by the Jute man’s chores Better than a pill Verse 2 High tide meant a straight ow’r crossin’ Low tide could tak’ twice as long Sand banks and man made muckle objects Added mare time on Refrain Verse 3 When a Fiffie left Craigie Pier And Fife’s green slopes grew ever near Munny a lad and lass Would raise a cheer Verse 4 Some were paddlers and twa hid Schneiders Some broke doon an’ got repaired Intae Dundee’s Caledon Very ain Ship yaird Refrain x 2
Hanfaes o’ notes Chorus Handfaes o’ notes in a broon paper bag Tae oil a bent system o’ handin’ oot graft They’re tearin’ doon Dundee Dae ye think ma heid’s saft Wisny born yesterday an em no daft Verse 1 Dundee’s disappearin’ right in front o’ yer face Breeze blocks monstrocities takin’ their place Dundee’s auld history is vanishin’ fast Replaced wi big eyesores that are no gonna last Chorus Verse 2 A station wiz putt there fur catchin’ a train Smashed tae smithereens the whole thing is insane Bonnie big buildin’ an’ a link tae the past Hauled doon fur progress in a world changin’ fast Chorus Verse 3 Spilt milk is gone dry the tears frae yer eyes There’s always been chancers there’ll always be lies Whut’s done is done an’ canna be undone We’ve aye got tomorrow so look tae the skies We’ve aye got tomorrow so look tae the skies
A dragon ow’r the Tay Verse 1 On the seventeenth of August in the year o’ 1966 A car drove awa fae the Blackie tae be the first ane in the que Verse 2 He gambled on a day’n a half jist tae keep on the safe side And settled doon wi’ the books an’ the spam’n the juice But the polis moved him on Verse 3 But Hugh was not to be undone so he set his sights on 7 o’clock So he went hame an’e dreamt o’ fame then he timed it tae a tee Chorus Then ou’r the bridge went the wee black car Wi a dragon tae the fore fur abudy tae see As it gaed ou’r the Firth o’ Tay joinin’ Fife, Wales and Dundee Verse 4 Sergeant Noble said “you’re first to go” And Hugh said “oh I know it is the shortest route” But it turned oot someone had just tossed a coin Verse 5 Place was right but the reason wrong And Hugh had been right all along And the press jumped in and aff they went And the car started first time Chorus x 3
Beautiful road bridge of the River Tay Verse 1 Oh beautiful road bridge of the River Tay With your gentle slopping avenues and your stone so grey Which can be seen from very far away So magnificent to be seen on a sunny day Verse 2 Oh beautiful bridge will Dundee transfix When opened by the Queen in 1966 Magnificent to be seen, gentle and most true And I hope travellers never drive when fou Verse 3 Oh beautiful road bridge of the River Tay Which will no doubt leave travellers in much dismay And no doubt they will all be heard to say You’re the second most beautiful bridge of the River Tay Verse 1 Finale I give you this song for I could not be There in my person for my spirit roams free Oh to be part of the vehicular glee For I will ever be William Mc G


released March 29, 2017


all rights reserved



eddie cairney Scotland, UK

Eddie Cairney is one of the country's most prolific songwriters and Scotland's best kept songwriting secret with 99 albums to date and another 100 plus in the pipeline. He has written new music to almost all of Robert Burns works totalling over 900 new songs. He writes in a great many genres, from folk to orchestral. He is also one of Scotland's most accomplished rock/blues piano players. ... more

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