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The Forth Bridge

by eddie cairney

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Proud tae be a brigger Chorus Proud tae be a brigger Wi a polka dotted necker Tied aroon the neck Held wi a sturdy Siemen’s ring ‘Ployed tae build a mighty brigg tae span a mighty river plate and rivet she will climb tae tak the biggest trains Verse 1 We gae ‘lang tae Edinburgh Tae see the great big city Swagger roon’ an’ hae a few an’ mak’ a lively din Turn a few heids in the street An’ munny a lassie pretty Wad be linket on oor erm tae mak’ the day complete Chorus Verse 2 Danger we git used tae it We nivur think aboot it Confident in oor ain skills we dae a tidy job Danger lurks and taks us oot When we wad least expect it But we look oot fur oorsels And ain anither tae Chorus
No channel too wide or too deep No channel too wide or too deep For a British engineer Be it valley, river or basin It will be crossed without fear For ‘tis wish of Queen Victoria That we fly the flag were’r we go And to the fore is British effort Led by our engineers They are the greatest in the world To that they have no peers William Arrol’s up at the 5th hour At his desk by 6 o’clock The epitome of this new age To his workforce he’s a rock John Fowler with steady judgement Wisely steers with much integrity From the hand of Benjamin Baker A steady course is drawn Along with British will and fortitude Is born a brand new dawn
The impossible dream and the invisible bridge Cantilevers and massive caissons On a scale you would not believe For a bridge that should have been built on Stone pontoons lain on the mud But the bridge that Bouch was to have built Came crashing to the Tay Board of trade said ten pounds would do fine Then they changed it to fifty six After all they had reputations And they had stiff upper lips Not only the largest and strongest But the stiffest of its day John Anderson had a great plan He proposed a light slender bridge ‘Twould be held up by but a few chains And would weight two thousand tons It would not be seen on a dull day If a gale struck ner again
A pier with a lighthouse Verse 1 A pier with a lighthouse that’s all that stands To a man who’s career would end up in the Tay A symbol of nothing a man broken by His own pride and an eye off the ball Verse 2 He built everywhere and he could do no wrong And he rose to the top of the corporate tree The Empress of India made him a Knight And he had the Forth Bridge in his sight Refrain 1 But pride had tae have a fa’ When half o’ the rivets (bolts) fell oot and awa Verse 3 Tay Bridge came down it was a massive shock And it put the wind up every bridge engineer Borealas had won he had taken a scalp So the quality went up a gear Verse 4 A phoenix arose from the stumps of Tay piers Ner again would the safety be left to the gnomes The bridge o’er the Esk tore down for public ouch Well it had been the child of poor old Tommy Bouch Refrain 2 A, B and F joined the side And restored British pride
The biggest bridge in the world Verse 1 In all the world the biggest bridge Gangs ower the Forth in Scotland It’s the marvel o the modern world And can ner be surpassed Thirty thousand tons o stane And fifty thousand tons o steel Held in wi’ seven million rivets A’ put there wi’ pride A’ put there wi’ pride Refrain It will last a thousand years As lang as it’s kept painted It will last a thousand mair As lang as rail runs ower the Forth Verse 2 Never since the pyramids Has such a massive thing been built And it is right in oor back yaird And we a ken whit fur O tae be on the footplate O steel an’ power as it gaes ower Wi boiler makin’ loads o steem Right up tae Aberdeen Right up tae Aberdeen Refrain Verse 1
One two five and counting Refrain Massive icon Of the thirty nine steps Picture postcard The world accepts Verse 1 She was built in an age Where the sky was the limit By a nation with something to prove She was built big and strong To reflect a proud people With an eye on the gaze of the world Chorus One two five and counting As she whiles away the years Munny’s a wish been granted On a penny sent ower her piers Verse 2 German bombs and the storms Tried tae weaken her worth And the rust it was kept well awa Through the years she has stood Brave and tall ‘gin the skyline As the rollin’ stock gae’d on its way Refrain Massive icon Of the thirty nine steps Picture postcard The world accepts


released April 4, 2017


all rights reserved



eddie cairney Scotland, UK

Eddie Cairney is one of the country's most prolific songwriters and Scotland's best kept songwriting secret with 99 albums to date and another 100 plus in the pipeline. He has written new music to almost all of Robert Burns works totalling over 900 new songs. He writes in a great many genres, from folk to orchestral. He is also one of Scotland's most accomplished rock/blues piano players. ... more

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